How to Set and Track goals for your products using Google Analytics?

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To set and track goals using Google Analytics, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Set Up Google Analytics: First, you need to set up a Google Analytics account and add the tracking code to your website. This will allow Google Analytics to collect data on user behavior.
  2. Create a Goal: To create a goal, navigate to the Admin panel in Google Analytics, select the account and property you want to set up the goal for, and click on “Goals”. Then, click on “+New Goal” and select the type of goal you want to create. You can create a goal based on a specific destination URL, a specific event, or a specific duration or pages per session.
  3. Set Up Goal Details: Once you have selected the type of goal you want to create, you need to set up the goal details. This involves adding a goal name, a goal value (if applicable), and goal funnel (optional). The goal funnel allows you to track the steps users take to complete a goal.
  4. Verify Goal: After you have set up the goal, you need to verify it to ensure that it is working properly. You can use the “Verify this Goal” feature in Google Analytics to test the goal.
  5. View Goal Reports: Once you have set up and verified the goal, you can view the goal reports in Google Analytics. The reports show how many users are completing the goal, the conversion rate, and other metrics.
  6. Track Goal Performance: To track the performance of your goals over time, you can use Google Analytics to create custom reports or segments. This will allow you to track how different user groups are interacting with your website and how they are progressing towards completing your goals.

By following these steps, you can set and track goals using Google Analytics. This will allow you to track user behavior and optimize your website to improve conversions and achieve your business objectives.

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