What is a Product Backlog?

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A product backlog is a prioritized list of requirements, features, and improvements that a product team intends to develop and deliver to meet the product’s goals and objectives. It is a living document that is continually updated and refined as the product evolves, and it serves as the primary source of information for the product development team.

The product backlog typically includes items that have been identified by stakeholders, customers, or the product team itself as necessary to achieve the product vision and goals. These items are generally described as user stories, which are short, simple, and specific descriptions of a user’s need or requirement.

The product backlog is prioritized based on the value each item delivers to the product, and the product owner is responsible for defining and prioritizing the backlog. The items at the top of the backlog are the most critical and are expected to be completed first, while the items at the bottom of the backlog are less important and may not be developed at all.

The product backlog is an essential tool for agile development teams and is used in conjunction with other agile artifacts, such as sprint backlogs and product increments, to guide the development process and ensure that the product meets the needs of the users and stakeholders.

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