What tools should I learn to become a DevOps professional?

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To become a successful DevOps professional, you need to learn a variety of tools and technologies that support the DevOps methodology. Some of the most essential tools that you should learn are:

  1. Version Control Systems (VCS) – such as Git, SVN, Mercurial, etc.
  2. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools – such as Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI, GitLab CI/CD, etc.
  3. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools – such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.
  4. Containerization and Orchestration tools – such as Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.
  5. Cloud platforms – such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
  6. Monitoring and Logging tools – such as Prometheus, Grafana, ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), etc.
  7. Collaboration and Communication tools – such as Slack, JIRA, Confluence, etc.

Apart from these, you should also have a good understanding of programming languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, etc. and have knowledge of various operating systems like Linux, Windows, and macOS. Additionally, soft skills like communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and adaptability are equally important for a DevOps professional.

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